Conclusions and response Midterm Review

In December the NanoNextNL programme has been reviewed by the International Advisory Council (IAC). In general the IAC is positive, but they also have some recommendations. As follow up to the review our Executive Board has discussed how to use the recommendations of the IAC to improve NanoNextNL.

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NanoNextNL researcher Michel Versluis on Dutch Television

Sunday 6th of April the NTR broadcasted an item of 'knallende bellen' on their science show 'De kennis van nu'. For this item they filmed at the research group of Michel Versluis at Twente University. Michel Versluis is NanoNextNL researcher.

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Physica prize 2014 for Albert Polman

NanoNextNL board member Albert Polman has been honored with the prestigious Physica prize of the Netherlands Physical Society (NNV). The NNV grants the prize to Albert Polman for his outstanding contributions, both in the Netherlands and internationally, of the physics of light.


Dave Blank talks Nanotechnology on NTR ACADEMIE

Every year, thousands of people still die as a result of intestinal cancer or lung cancer. To be able to effectively battle the cancer it is crucial to diagnose the disease at an early stage. This will be possible in the future thanks to nanotechnology. It can be done by means of a simple breath test or by taking a pill. Last Sunday, Professor Dave Blank of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Twente explained how it all works and also expounded on the many other possibilities that nanotechnology has to offer in the TV programme NTR Academie.

In our daily lives, nanotechnology is already being used frequently. Using nanotechnology in orthopaedic prostheses, for example, enables them to move more fluently.  Researchers are also working on developing water-repellent fabric, and nano-electronics play an important part in how our mobile phones work.

The broadcast, which lasts thirty minutes, focuses on scientists with a good and interesting story to tell. Click here te view the episode (in Dutch)




Micro and nanotechnology will make a significant contribution to resolving major societal questions such as keeping an ageing society healthy and keeping our environment liveable in a changing climate. The basis for being able to provide this contribution lies in the creation of an open, dynamic and sustainable ecosystem for research and innovation with which the Netherlands can continue to play its leading role in the world, and can extend this role further, in micro and nanotechnology. This ecosystem is created by initiating and guiding research projects within the themes.

NanoNextNL is a consortium of more than one hundred companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres, which is aimed at research into micro and nanotechnology. The total sum involved for NanoNextNL is 250 million euros, half of which is contributed by the collaboration of more than one hundred businesses, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres and the other half by the Government of the Netherlands.



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