Awarded business case ELPASYS

In the second call of Valorisation Programme of NanoNextNL (December 2015) the following business case was awarded:


High Accuracy Real-time Localisation System (HARTLS)

Within the logistics industries, autonomous mobile robots are replacing human labour. Affordable high accuracy localisation and navigation are the main drivers in creating the next generation robots. Determining the exact position of the robot in relation to the environment (e.g. goods in a warehouse) for a fully automated operation is both crucial and challenging. Existing systems that provide centimeter-accuracy rely on expensive and often bulky magnetic tracks or laser systems. The solution that ElpaNav develops helps to tackle the navigation issues in a very cost-effective way and makes it possible for humans and robots to interact safely. This localisation technology is an innovative and unique solution using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to achieve highly accurate (cm-level), light-weight, low-cost and real-time localisation that is energy efficient. ElpaNav will lead the global high-accuracy localisation market and establish itself as the benchmark for localisation solutions.