Awarded business case Enceladus

In the first call of Valorisation Programme of NanoNextNL (May 2015) the following business case was awarded:


Castration-resistant prostate cancer remains a condition with only few treatment options. In spite of side effects corticosteroids have shown to be effective in this indication. Enceladus develops a targeted nanosphere corticosteroid formulation that improves efficacy and is expected to have less corticosteroid related side effect. This product is called Oncocort. Oncocort fills an urgent medical need for safe, effective and cost-efficient treatment options in the prostate cancer field . Enceladus is a small pharmaceutical company that focuses on early stage clinical development of products based on its proprietary liposomal corticosteroid program. After successful proof of concept Enceladus out licenses their products for further development. The economics are based on value creation by moving the product forward through the pharmaceutical pipeline (de-risking of the proposition). Oncocort® is a novel dexamethasone-based liposomal therapeutic aimed at targeting bone metastases and other distant metastases, slowing disease progression of late stage castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC).