Awarded business case Innosieve

In the first call of Valorisation Programme of NanoNextNL (May 2015) the following business case was awarded:


Exhale bacterial analysis

Innosieve Diagnostics is a participant in the NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme and secured a total of € 250k in business financing. The principal goal of this proposition is to develop a new device (exhaled air monitoring device) including diagnostic assays and associated procedures providing much faster (same day to same hour results) and affordable bacterial diagnosis of respiratory tract infections compared to state-of-the-art methods. Bacterial pathogens are important causes of respiratory tract infections which can lead to severe pneumonia. Early and fast detection of these pathogens will prevent transmission, damage to the respiratory tract and dissemination of the infection to other organs. The classical method used for detection of these bacteria are culturing or PCR analysis on sputum or swab samples. These time-consuming methods have limited sensitivity. With the new method respiratory tract infections can be detected specifically by exhaling air through a tailormade lithographic silicon membrane providing low flow resistance combined with the accurate and specific capture of bacteria, which are subsequently identified with standard methods.