Healing with nanotechnology: the possibilities

An episode of the TV programme RTL Toekomstmakers [RTL Future Makers] is completely dedicated to the possibilities of healing with nanotechnology. Thanks to nanotechnology a longer life is possible and diseases can be simulated on a chip. Renowned scientists such as professor Albert van den Berg and philosopher of technology professor Peter-Paul Verbeek give their views about developments such as organs-on-chips and the changing perception of diseases due to the permanent race to remain healthy. All presented video content is in Dutch only.

Cheaply detecting and preventing diseases

Albert van den Berg still video Toekomstmakers

“Of course the aim of nanotechnology is that we remain healthy for longer and at a higher level. On the other hand we all know that ultimately everybody dies. We always need to ask the question: which things should I still do against what price? However I do think that nanotechnology has the potential to cheaply detect and prevent diseases at an early stage so that you really can stay healthy for longer,” says professor Albert van den Berg (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology).

Medicines that work perfectly

Medicines that work perfectly in the body and can combat a disease down to the smallest scale or choosing the sex of your child before the pregnancy. That is possible thanks to nanotechnology. But what does it mean if we no longer get ill?

RTL Toekomstmakers – Healing with nanotechnology

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