NanoCity is the national event on nanoscience and nanotechnology. In 2014 NanoNextNL initiated the first edition and NanoCity 2015 took place on October 5-6. NanoCity 2016, the third and final edition, took place on 21 June 2016. This event is the place to be for the (inter)national nanotechnology community and the platform to meet, show and present.

Ecosystem for research and innovation

At NanoCity the national and international nano- and microtechnology community meet each other. It brings together scientists, industrial specialists, entrepreneurs and policymakers. The entire NanoNextNL community is brought together. The aim of NanoCity is to create an open, dynamic and long term ecosystem for research and innovation.

Show and share

NanoCity provides the opportunity to ‘show and share’ what has been achieved already and what may be possible in the future. Cutting edge research and the latest industrial technologies are presented. Technological developments, societal challenges and risk analyses are discussed.

NanoCity: over 450 NanoCitizens from research and industry are welcomed
(Photo: Bram Saeys)

Why visit NanoCity?

Visitors of NanoCity, NanoCitizens, should visit this national event to:

  •  get inspired by international top scientists
  •  be updated about cutting edge science
  •  learn about the latest innovations and product demonstrations
  •  boost their business by meeting entrepreneurs and pitching their ideas
  •  match their academic research with the industrial agenda and vice versa
  • expand their network during lunch and dinner.

Joining forces

In the Netherlands, academia, research centers and industries have joined forces in national nanotechnology research executed in the last decade. At present NanoNextNL is the leading R&D programme bringing together an ecosystem of 130 partners. In total over 750 researchers work on development of nanotechnology based applications in the time frame 2011-2016.