NanoNextNL invests 6 million euros in bringing promising nanotechnology to the market faster

NanoNextNL is investing 6 million euros in bringing promising nanotechnology to the market faster. Innovative products that will be developed with this investment are in the fields of cancer therapy, diagnosis of lung infections, cell culture and analysis methods, microcurrent meters, optical communication and LED development.

Detailed plans for making research results marketable

In NanoNextNL more than 100 companies and 30 knowledge institutions are working together in a national programme focused on research and development of nanotechnology and microtechnology. Since 2010 more than 750 researchers have worked on breakthroughs in the areas of clean water, healthy food, effective healthcare, sustainable energy and ICT. In the past year, almost 60 of the partners involved have used the NanoNextNL valorisation programme to test their plans for making research results marketable against criteria such as completeness, interest from investors and the acceptance of new technology by society. Several of these business cases will be presented on 5 and 6 October during NanoCity, the Dutch national event about nanotechnology.

valorisation programme

From research results to innovative products

From the first selection round of the valorisation programme 16 partners have recently received an additional grant of 125,000 euros for the realisation of their business case. In a second round it is expected that a further 10 business cases will be supported with 100,000 euros each. The partners involved will invest a matching amount from their own funds. With these matching funds the total additional investment is more than 6 million euros. Thanks to this boost the research results can be translated into innovative products that can be brought onto the market by existing and new companies. Examples of this can be found on the NanoNextNL website.

25 demonstrators at Dutch national nanotechnology event

On 5-6 October the business cases will receive plenty of attention during NanoCity, the Dutch national two-day event about nanotechnology. In addition to the programme of scientific lectures, 25 demonstrators and prototypes will be exhibited that show which products NanoNextNL partners will bring to the market. Via a business pitch session seven partners will try to acquire additional funding for their business cases by attracting the interest of external investors.

Collaboration with RTL Z

The new Dutch business TV channel RTL Z will make several live broadcasts from NanoCity that will form the starting point for a series of TV programmes about current and future applications of nanotechnology and microtechnology. The NanoNextNL programme will draw to a close at the end of 2016 but a relaunch is being worked on so that innovation in the most promising areas can be continued with the necessary collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions.

More information

Read the full NanoNextNL press release (Dutch only): NanoNextNL investeert 6 miljoen in versneld marktrijp maken van kansrijke nanotechnologie