Company Qmicro expects promising sales figures for 2016

The company Qmicro expects to sell sell several thousand nanotech devices per year from 2016 onwards. Their handy device is capable of analysing the composition of natural gas quickly and cheaply at various locations along the pipeline. The technology used in Qmicro’s device is based on technology developed within NanoNextNL.

Introduction to petrochemical industry

Business development manager Vincent Spiering says their technology will be introduced to the petrochemical industry in 2016. ‘With this device Qmicro will offer a cheap alternative in addition to the large industrial gas chromatographs used in factories.’ The new gas chromatograph has several advantages due to its small size and the analysis of the composition of the gas can be done much faster: 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

No need for external capital

Qmicro is able to keep its head above water without the need for external capital. ‘We generate enough income from our consultancy work, in which we are collaborating on the design and development of gas chromatographs and other tailor-made microchip products.’

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