Background NanoNextNL

NanoNextNL was developed following the approved programme proposal “Towards a Sustainable and Open Innovation Ecosystem”, which was proposed for the 2009 FES High-Tech Systems and Materials (FES HTS&M). This proposal was based on 5 important developments:

  • the global strategic and competitive developments in the area of HTS&M require a strong Dutch open innovation ecosystem.
  • companies and knowledge institutes involved in HTS&M have an eye for requirements from society.
  • the need for more highly qualified technical staff in the Netherlands.
  • the strategic research agenda of the Dutch Nano initiative (SRA-NNI).
  • bringing together micro and nanotechnology, because both are of vital importance to the HTS&M sector.

By responding to these developments, NanoNextNL will provide a contribution to the resolution of major societal questions such as keeping an ageing society healthy and keeping our environment liveable in a changing climate. During the course of the programme, there will be constant evaluations, which will allow for quick responses to new opportunities. This way, programmes can be adjusted and added. As the consortium comprises parties from scientific and business backgrounds, the screening and signalling of new developments and requirements can start from an early stage. NanoNextNL is a selective continuation of the programmes NanoNed and MicroNed.