Awarded business case Delft IMP

In the second call of Valorisation Programme of NanoNextNL (December 2015) the following business case was awarded:

Delft IMP

Delft IMP offers scalable functionalization and protection of (nano) particles for catalysis, energy storage and controlled release applications
In recent years, atomic layer deposition (ALD) has become a standard tool to apply conformal coatings on substrates, mostly focusing on the semiconductor industry. The intrinsic advantages of having a nanometer scale, conformal coating, are also relevant for other industries, including:

  • Tailorable performance for catalysis, whereby direct control is obtained on the structure, composition and dispersion of active sites
  • Controlled release for pharma and food, whereby food-grade coatings ensure compatibility with industry standards
  • Barrier formation for increased product life in battery applications, giving up to 10x higher lifetime while the nanometer thin coating ensures performance
  • Improving dispersion characteristics of nanopowder additives, preventing agglomeration of nanoparticles in the finished product

Integration of nanostructuring technology

Delft IMP helps unlock this potential through joint development projects with industry. Our team includes experts in both catalysis, nanostructuring as well as in process scale up to allow integration of nanostructuring technology into your business all the way from proof-of-concept to large-scale coating equipment.

  • Use of fluidized beds at ambient pressures, enabling use of standard industry equipment
  • Possibility of continuous production of coated particles in innovative, patented pneumatic transport reactor
  • Based on a dry process, no additional separation processes required
  • Clean process with minimal environmental impact
  • Joint development project approach, allowing expertise from both customer and Delft IMP to come to a successful product

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