Cast your EYE on NanoCity 2016

On 21 June Film Museum EYE in Amsterdam was transformed into NanoCity 2016. Over 250 visitors, speakers and exhibitors made a success of this national event on nanotechnology. The programme offered a line-up of (international) nanotechnology speakers, inspiring demonstrators and over 120 posters. This third and final edition of NanoCity coincides with the ending this year of the NanoCity initiator, NanoNextNL.

The NanoCity 2016 posters were digitally presented and pitched by the researchers themselves. NanoCity 2016 visitors could vote for their favourite posters during the event. The End Term Report of NanoNextNL, the research and innovation programme on nano/microtechnology, was launched at NanoCity 2016.

Impressions of NanoCity 2016

NanoCity 2016 was captured on camera and online.

Photos NanoCity 2016 NanoCity 2016 - 21 June

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