Cheaper catalyst by using less platinum


Platinum, an expensive noble metal, is an important component of catalytic convertors in cars. The less of it you need, the cheaper your catalytic convertor is to produce. The company Delft IMP uses a technology that can deposit materials atomic layer by atomic layer to produce the same quality catalyst for catalytic convertors with 35 percent less platinum. Delft IMP is a spin-off of Delft University of Technology. Read the NanoNextNL highlight Cheaper catalyst by using less platinum.

Producing catalysts in powder form

The technology applied by Delft IMP can indeed be used to very accurately and energy-efficiently produce catalysts in powder form for use in car exhausts. Platinum lies at the heart of these catalysts. With our method, we can very accurately apply thin layers of platinum to grains of a cheap carrier material. The technology is based on a technique called atomic layer deposition (ALD). ALD is already used widely in the semiconductor industry but we introduce this technology to the process industry for the first time. With this process Delft IMP can coat kilograms per hour instead of several grams per hour.

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Read the NanoNextNL highlight Cheaper catalyst by using less platinum

Read the NanoNextNL highlight Goedkopere katalysator met minder platina