Chip enables accurate mixing of oil and water


At Wageningen University, a chip has recently been developed that can create emulsions very accurately. In emulsions such as mayonnaise and medicinal ointment, oil and water are mixed. But oil and water do not mix well. The EDGE (Edge-based Droplet GEneration) chip was developed to create emulsions very accurately by calibrating exactly the size of the oil droplets. Applications of this technology are for example creating a creamy taste with less fat and establishing an exact drug delivery, avoiding overdosing for patients. Read the NanoNextNL highlight Accurately mixing oil and water.

Applications in food and medicine

The size of the oil droplets determines how creamy a food product tastes. Using the chip from Wageningen University, all oil droplets are exactly the same size. This way, the same creamy taste can be achieved with less fat. The chip can also yield advantages for the production of medicines. For example, you can selectively reach certain organs in the body by using emulsions of oil droplets with specific dimensions. In addition, droplets with the same dimensions always contain exactly the same quantity of active substance. This means you can use the chip to prevent overdosing.

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Read the NanoNextNL highlight Accurately mixing oil and water

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