European Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Nanomedicine 2016-2030 published

SRIA Nanomedicine 2016-2030

Last week, the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN) published the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Nanomedicine in Europe for 2016-2030. This update has been designed to reflect the current and future challenges that the European Community in nanomedicine is facing. The focus of this SRIA is set on translability of research results, i.e. their adequacy with clinical but also industrial needs and requirements.

Key recommendations SRIA Nanomedicine 2016-2030

Key recommendations of the SRIA update are:

  • to focus on unmet medical needs where nanomedicine can make the difference by providing currently lacking diagnostic and therapeutic options
  • to facilitate the matching of nanotechnology features with other Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for new smart and connected products and devices
  • to optimise the implementation of medical innovations into the healthcare systems by balancing benefit for patients with cost constrains of the healthcare system and industrial return on investment
  • to sustain or even improve competitiveness of European healthcare economy at the global market

What is nanomedicine?

Nanomedicine – the controlled use of nanotechnologies in healthcare – contributes to a better understanding of and controlled interactions with biological mechanisms at the molecular level . This leads to new pathways for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, in line with the global evolution of medicine.

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