International Advisory Council publishes very positive assessment about NanoNextNL programme

Last week the International Advisory Council (IAC) reviewed the NanoNextNL programme, as the five-year research and technology programme about micro- and nanotechnology will end in December 2016. The IAC, made up of four internationally renowned micro- and nanotechnology specialists, reached a very positive assessment. The review lasted 3 days and largely consisted of more than 40 enthusiastic presentations from programme directors, partners from industry (multinationals, SMEs), PhDs and young entrepreneurs. The IAC also spoke with the NanoNextNL board about various issues including future scenarios.

Recognition for the impact on science, innovation and business

NanoNextNL receives a lot of recognition for the good development and international impact of the entire programme in the area of science, innovation and business. The IAC was also impressed by the large number of SME entrepreneurs involved in NanoNextNL and the importance of programmes such as NanoNextNL for SMEs. Considerable satisfaction was also expressed about the good developments in integrating the safe-by-design concept in projects, in which due consideration is given to possible risks of a technology or application developed. Furthermore, the IAC was very impressed with the valorisation and business support provided by the programme office of NanoNextNL.

The IAC warmly supports a selective continuation of NanoNextNL and it encourages the government to support a new Tech Enabled Innovation Programme. Such a programme should include business development, valorisation, entrepreneurship and training for risk analysis and technology assessment.

Members IAC

The International Advisory Council of NanoNextNL consists of four internationally renowned micro- and nanotechnology experts:

  • Prof. Martin Schuurmans, Chair European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • Prof. Gilbert J. Declerck, Interuniversitair Micro-Elektronica Centrum (IMEC), Belgium
  • Dr. Karel van der Mast , Solveigh Corporate Development, the Netherlands
  • Prof. Pingfan Rao, Fuzhou University, China

foto IAC april 2016 webThe International Advisory Council of NanoNextNL: (from left to right) Pingfan Rao, Karel van der Mast, Martin Schuurmans, Léon Gielgens (programme office), Gilbert J. Declerck, Margot Beukers (programme office) – photo: Arnaud Mooij

The IAC performed the Mid-Term Review back in 2013 and it reviewed the NanoNextNL programme again in April 2016.