NanoCity 2015: All keynote speakers confirmed

With the addition of Dr. Lerwen Liu all keynote speakers of NanoCity 2015 have confirmed. Lerwen Liu is one of the most connected persons in the field of nanotechnology specialising in nanotechnology business development and education. NanoCity presents more internationally recognised keynote speakers such as Darrell Schlom, Andy Yun and Sunghoon Kwon. NanoCity is the two-day event on nanotechnology, initiated by NanoNextNL, and takes place on 5-6 October 2015.

Dr. Lerwen Liu

Dr. Lerwen Liu (Nanoglobe PTE ltd) – keynote speaker NanoCity 2015

Dr. Lerwen Liu working with Asia nanotech leaders

Keynote speaker Lerwen Liu has been actively building nanotechnology networks with government agencies, R & D institutions and industries around the world, promoting nanotechnology policy, innovation, commercialisation and international collaboration, especially in the Asia Pacific region.
In her keynote speech she will share her insights based on her 15 years of on- the-ground experience working with Asia nanotech leaders in government, academia and industry. She will present case studies of nanotech start-ups in Asia to highlight. Nanotechnology is transforming manufacturing industries worldwide enabling lighter, stronger, and multifunctional materials/products with less pollution and greener processes. Asian industries are in the process of adopting nanotechnology in their products today, for instance smartphones. The adoption of nanotechnology in Asian manufacturing industries and emerging industries also drives the growth of nanotech start-ups in Asia and elsewhere.

Line-up keynote speakers NanoCity 2015

NanoCity 2015 offers a line-up of internationally recognised keynote speakers:

In NanoCity about 100 national and international speakers will be present, ranging from keynote speakers to oral speakers. View all NanoCity speakers.