NanoNextNL is a scientific, economic and societal success

In a period of just six years, the research and technology programme NanoNextNL has led to a vibrant innovation ecosystem. With almost 900 scientific articles, an expected return on investment for private partners of a factor of 4, plus a large number of innovative solutions, NanoNextNL has been a huge success.

Together with universities and companies, the Dutch government has invested € 251 million in the research and technology programme NanoNextNL. During the past six years, 13 universities, 8 medical centres, 12 knowledge institutes and 110 companies have jointly work on the next generation of nano- and microtechnology. The End Term Report of NanoNextNL, which will cease to exist in the current form at the end of 2016, reveals the huge impact on science, innovation and the solving of societal challenges.

End Term Report NanoCity 2016The official presentation of the NanoNextNL End Term Report 2010-2016:  Martin Schuurmans (chair International Advisory Council) receives the report from Dave Blank (chair NanoNextNL) at NanoCity 2016 event (photo: Bram Saeys)

Top science forms the basis

With more than 900 international scientific publications, of which 140 in journals with a high impact factor (>10), NanoNextNL has built a strong knowledge base. 23% of these articles belong to the 10% of most cited articles in the world. 170 very highly qualified experts with a broad range of skills are disseminating the knowledge acquired.

Solutions for the major challenges

NanoNextNL has yielded fundamental new insights for solar cells and other sources of renewable energy, nanomedicine, clean water technology, quantum cryptography, food technology, ‘Beyond Moore’ computer chips, sensors & actuators, nanofabrication, and bionanomaterials. With this, solutions for urgent societal issues such as clean energy, health for everybody, food security, and faster and more powerful computer chips will all come a step closer.

Factor of 4 return on investment

Large technology and nutrition companies, high-tech SMEs and the 8 own start-ups expect that the investment in NanoNextNL will in total yield more than € 400 million. A large number of new products will soon be launched such as an exceptionally fast and patient-friendly blood test for emergency help, tailored nutrition and medication, and an innovative electron microscope.

Responsible innovation

18% of the budget of NanoNextNL is being invested in improving risk analysis and technology evaluation and integrating this into research and development activities. Instruments for the detection of nanomaterials and the (eco)toxicity mechanism have been developed to support new legislation.

Towards a new era

NanoNextNL chair, professor Dave Blank: “We have set a new standard for public-private partnerships in the Netherlands. NanoNextNL has delivered a powerful and coherent ecosystem for innovation that is well positioned to take following step at both a national and international level. Now we need to design the following phase together with new and existing partners from academia, knowledge institutions, medical centres and companies. The top sectors and the Dutch National Research Agenda provide superb possibilities for this. We are entering a new era!”

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