NanoNextNL will end soon: practical implications for projects

The research and innovation programme NanoNextNL will cease to exist after 31 December 2016. Since 2010, partners from research, industry and knowledge institutes have collaborated intensively within the programme on microtechnology and nanotechnology innovations. The successful results can be found in the NanoNextNL highlights and in the recently published NanoNextNL End Term Report and the associated Research Appendix. For the progress of the projects and the programme, the NanoNextNL programme office has compiled several basic principles.


Basic principles completion NanoNextNL projects

The basic principles for the completion of NanoNextNL projects:

  • NanoNextNL projects end on 31 December 2016. This means that all research activities must have been completed by then and only the costs incurred up to and including 31 December 2016 are declarable.
  • The NanoNextNL programme office will remain active until 31 July 2017 for the scientific and financial completion of projects and the dissemination of the results. The programme office might contact you with the request to update research output on the extranet.
  • On 29 November a meeting aimed at administrators will be held to explain the financial completion of projects and the auditor’s statement. The administrators will receive an invitation for this.

In the second quarter of 2017 a publication will follow with the update of the End Term Report. If you have any questions or queries about projects and other research-theme-related issues then please contact the programme officer concerned.