New call supports developing a business case

3rd call Valorisation Programme

The NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme has just opened a new call for business case support. This call is open to all partners involved in NanoNextNL and offers support for developing a business case originating from the current NanoNextNL research programme. The maximum support per business case is €15,000 and can be assigned to a partner involved in NanoNextNL who has at least signed one Programme Consortium Agreement. Registration for eligible business cases is open from 1 April until 31 August 2016. The call ‘Business Case Support’ runs from April through October.

Examining and improving the quality of a business case

The NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme provides opportunities to examine and improve the quality of a business case that originated from the current NanoNextNL research programme. It also provides the opportunity to obtain supplementary financial support and practical assistance with regard to working out a business case in more detail. The quality of your business case will be assessed by using the business tools, such as the Lean Business Model Canvas and Golden Egg Check. The call Business Case Support is the third call of the Valorisation Programme. This call is however different to the previous two in that it only provides business support to help develop a business case and does not offer the possibility of being awarded direct subsidy.


Applicants for business case support can express their intention to elaborate their business case by sending an email to This email must include a brief (max. 1 A4) description of the subject, the persons involved, the most appropriate NanoNextNL project, and an indication of the amount and allocation of the support in mind. For full details please read NanoNextNL Valorisation Programma 3rd call Business Case Support.

More information

NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme 3rd call Business Case Support (pdf)
NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme