Patented coating for contact lenses helps to prevent eye problems

National Dutch media recently reported that the incorrect use of contact lenses is leading to a growing number of eye inflammations. The start-up company LipoCoat developed a patented coating on contact lenses so that they become dirty less quickly. This offers a relatively cheap way of preventing eye problems. Read the NanoNextNL highlight Contact lenses as a springboard to more.

Coating similar to human cells

The young company LipoCoat recently received a Valorisation Grant from NanoNextNL for the further development of its patented method to deposit very thin layers of a material similar to tear drops on the lenses. This layer ensures that the lenses do not become dirty and people can wear their lenses for longer without getting irritated eyes. Their coating is similar to the outside of human cells. With this patented process LipoCoat can apply those coatings in such a way that they remain stable. These so-called biocompatible layers do not elicit rejection responses in the human body.

highlight Contact lenses as a springboard to more

Targeting the contact lens industry

Over the next few years LipoCoat will first focus on coating hard contact lenses. Manufacturers of contact lenses want to be able to deliver a product with a guaranteed safety and superior lens wearing comfort. With this approach they hope to strongly increase their market share. LipoCoat’s coatings can, in principle, be applied to all materials that come into contact with body fluids. Because all of these face the same problem: proteins, fats and bacteria that deposit on these and can give rise to infections.

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