The NanoNextNL programme consists of 10 themes and the Valorisation Programme. All NanoNextNL projects fall within 28 programmes, which in turn are part of the 10 themes and the Valorisation Programme.

There are three different types of themes within the NanoNextNL Programme:

The synergy between the themes is enhanced by projects which develop technology and knowledge in a general theme. This can be applied to societal needs in the application themes. The RATA theme applies and gains knowledge in risk analysis and technology assessment in all other themes.

matrix themes NNNL

An overview of the NanoNextNL themes and programmes

1. Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment (RATA)
1A Human health risks
1B Environmental risks
1C Technology Assessment

2. Energy
2A Efficient generation of sustainable energy
2B Efficient energy utilization by secondary conversion of energy and separation

3. Nanomedicine
3A Nanoscale biomolecular interactions in disease
3B Nanofluidics for lab-on-a-chip
3C Molecular imaging
3D Drug delivery
3E Integrated microsystems for biosensing

4. Clean Water
4A Nanotechnology in water applications

5. Food
5A Food process monitoring and product quality assessment
5B Molecular structure of food
5C Food products and processes
5D Microdevices for structuring and isolation

6. Beyond Moore
6A Advanced nanoelectronics devices
6B Functional nanophotonics
6C Nano-bio interfaces & devices
6D Active nanophotonic devices

7. Nano materials
7A Supramolecular and bio-inspired materials
7B Multilayered and artificial materials

8. Bio-nano
8A Nanomolecular machines in cellular force-transduction
8B Bionano interactions for biosensing

9. Nano fabrication
9A Nano-inspection and characterisation
9B Nano patterning

10. Sensors and actuators
10A Systems and packaging
10B Micro nozzles
10C Microdevices for chemical processing