1A Human health risks

Insight into the potential human health risks posed by manufactured nanoparticles (MNPs) is essential for sustainable development and safe use of innovative products based on these structures. At present, however, various information gaps exist on the intrinsic toxic properties (hazard), the potential human exposure and the relationship between exposure and health effects (risk). This programme aims at developing approaches and methodology to obtain better insight into the potential risks of MNPs and nanomaterials to workers and consumers.

Five research topics have been selected: risk assessment, detection, exposure, bioavailability and toxicity. These topics and the content of the projects were based on their priority for applied risk assessment. The new approaches and tools to be developed in the program aim at 1) describing responsible uses for worker and consumer , and 2) rapid and valid differentiation between MNPs with low or high risk potential in the early phase of product development. This program will be strongly linked with other themes in the NanoNextNL program, particularly where new particles and materials will be synthesized, such as food, nanomaterials and nanomedicine.

Hans Bouwmeester 1A
Programme Director:
dr. ir. H. (Hans) Bouwmeester (Wageningen UR)

Watch young researcher Hedwig Braakhuis (RIVM) presenting her phd research on health effects of inhaling nano particles