4A Nanotechnology in water applications

The removal of contaminants from water is a technological and societal priority for the coming decennia. Filtration with high porosity, thin and isoporous membranes will be the technical solution of choice for particulate matter such as viruses and nano-particles. Understanding the behavior of such particles in confined space is a pre-requisite for designing and fabricating new membranes.

Dissolved matter such as pharmaceutical and other harmful low molecular weight chemicals need to be catalytically destroyed with catalysts of well-ordered 3D micro- and nano-topology embedded in designed devices. The programme is characterised by an integrative effort to start with a nanotechnology based concept and integrate it into macro applications. This is realised by bringing together scientific and engineering expertise from academia, institutes and industry.

This programme aims to perform a breakthrough step in water related technologies based on bottom-up and top down nano-engineered materials. Industrially and health relevant issues will be adresses in the following three clusters:

  •  Nano- and microfabrication for molecular separations
  •  Nano-to-macro integration for catalysis applications in water treatment
  •  Nano-particles in aqueous confined space

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Foto: Bram Saeys. 9-6-2011, STW NanoNext Karel V Utrecht

Programme Director:
Prof. dr. ir. R.G.H. Lammertink (University of Twente)