5C Food products and processes

This programme aims to support the Dutch food industry in the development towards sustainable food products and processes, while developing significant new functionality in products (aimed at combining better nutrition and better taste). The programme takes two scientific challenges as basis: multi-scale structure down to the colloidal scale, and (dynamic behaviour of) complex, concentrated systems.

The programme combines expertise on self-assembly and other phase behaviour of dispersed systems under flow, and characterization of the structure via imaging and investigation of the properties. Integration of all expertises is done in four clustered projects.

Projects 05C 01 and 05C 02 (Cluster A) consider the creation of hierarchically structured, protein-based (soft solid) materials from nm level and up, using a combination of self assembly and well-defined flow in concentrated systems. Project 05C.03 (Cluster B) focuses on emulsions, stabilised by particles, which can result in a solid product even when using liquid (healthier) oils. Projects 05C 04, 05 and 06 (Cluster C) investigate the creation of colloidal-size micro-domains, for use as encapsulates, and as separation agents. The full programme will enable a positive contribution to societal issues such as sustainability of food production and even animal welfare, providing a unique societal justification to the technology in society.

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Foto: Bram Saeys. 9-6-2011, STW NanoNext Karel V Utrecht

Programme Director:
Prof. dr. ir. Karin Schro├źn (Wageningen UR)