6A Advanced nanoelectronics devices

The programme Advanced nanoelectronic devices will provide a focused impulse to Dutch strategic research in nano-electronics. Three clusters of strategic research, each of them with a device oriented approach, have been selected:
A. Nanowire sensors
B. Nanospintronic devices
C. Nonvolatile memory

The programme aims at demonstrating electronic nano-devices with alternative operating principles and enhanced or novel functionality, enabling new applications particularly in hybrid electronic or smart embedded systems – in line with strategy of Dutch industry and potential for creating new SMEs/startups. Each of the clusters couples concrete activities at research centres of our industrial partners to scientific excellence brought in by academic partners. The three clusters are mutually overlapping to stimulate cross-fertilization across the entire programme. Thus, we aim at enhancing the innovative power of the Netherlands in the field of nano-electronics, which is of crucial importance for the future of the Dutch high-tech sector. An optimal technology transfer will be guaranteed by direct industrial participation (such as Philips), via participation by IMEC, Europe’s largest independent research centre in nano-electronics, and by strong links and exchange of expertise and facilities with the Holst open-innovation centre.

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Foto: Bram Saeys. 9-6-2011, STW NanoNext Karel V Utrecht

Programme Director:
Prof. dr. Bert Koopmans (Eindhoven University of Technology)