6B Functional nanophotonics

Photonics have helped to shape modern day society enabling the high-speed communication that is now taken for granted. Even so, it is expected that in the foreseeable future photonic components will be needed that support a bandwidth growth to 100-1000 times the current bandwidth. To help meet these increased demands the programme Functional nanophotonics aims to generate new photonic functionality by harnessing the unique properties of light at the nanoscale.

Functional nanophotonics is not only ideally suited for new modalities for on-chip data-transport, -handling and storage but also for novel types of sensors. In addition to this excellent application perspective, the control of light at the nanoscale represents an inherent, significant academic challenge. The programme will focus on three key functionalities: switching, guiding and sensing.

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Programme Director:
Prof. dr. L. (Kobus) Kuipers (AMOLF)