6C Nano-bio interfaces & devices

The programme Nano-bio interfaces & devices focuses on employing lithography-based fabrication techniques to create devices capable of detecting small numbers of biomolecules in solution and of interfacing with individual living cells. The overarching goal is to bring the massive level of parallelisation most commonly associated with, e.g., the computing industry, to bear on (bio)chemical and cell-level analysis.

This is an exciting, rapidly developing field with enormous application potential in, amongst others, biomedical diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental monitoring and implantable devices. Our goal is to develop three broadly applicable technology platforms:

  • Massively parallel CMOS-based electrode array biosensors
  • Lithographically fabricated silicon nanowire biosensors
  • Nanofabricated interfaces to living cells

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Programme Director:
Prof. dr. Serge G. Lemay (University of Twente)