9B Nano patterning

The Netherlands has a unique position in high tech systems for nanopatterning: ASML, FEI and MAPPER are world leaders in their respective sections of this extremely competitive and innovative field. This programme is designed to strengthen the knowledge infrastructure behind this industry by bringing together excellent academic groups in applied physics with their colleagues in the industrial research labs. Together they will address the major scientific challenges in nanopatterning for the coming decade: controlling the shape of individual pattern details to nm precision, and developing high tech systems to print trillions of these details per second.

The programme is organised around the three fabrication technologies in which the Netherlands has a leading industrial and academic position: photolithography, electron beam lithography and direct-write prototyping. In each fabrication technology, a new, fundamentally innovative generation of systems is under development, making the coming years crucially important for the global competitiveness of the Dutch high tech systems industry. The coherent, interdependent set of projects in each technology cluster has been defined in close collaboration between the industrial and academic partners, thus maximising the value for the Dutch economy and at the same time safeguarding the high scientific level of the work. The results of this research will support the Dutch economy in its struggle to remain competitive in the world of high tech systems and materials.

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Programme Director:
Prof. dr. ir. Pieter Kruit (Delft University of Technology)