Second keynote NanoCity 2016 announced

Mark Welland detail NanoCity 2016Prof. Sir Mark Welland (University of Cambridge)

The second keynote speaker of Nanocity 2016 was announced last week. Prof. Sir Mark Welland of the University of Cambridge will talk about nanoscience and human disease in NanoCity. Previously, Prof. Naomi Halas (Rice University) confirmed her keynote speech. Invited speaker Mitsutoshi Nakajima (University of Tsukuba) shares his views on food engineering on 21 June. Register before 3 May to profit from the early bird fee of only 50 euro. The national event on nanotechnology NanoCity 2016 will take place in EYE in Amsterdam.

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Topics NanoCity 2016

NanoCity 2016 is the third and final edition of this annual event on nanotechnology and the follow-up to the successful NanoCity 2015. The topics of NanoCity 2016 cover the promising nano-related research areas, such as organ-on-a-chip, nano materials, energy efficient ICT, and clean energy.

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The third and final edition of NanoCity

On 21 June 2016 Film Museum EYE in Amsterdam will be home to the biggest buzz around the tiniest parts. NanoCity 2016, initiated by NanoNextNL, is the third and final edition of this national event on nanotechnology. The event that brings together scientists, industrial specialists, entrepreneurs and policymakers in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Find out what’s happening at the front edge, meet the brightest minds, see the latest developments, make the match and boost your business. NanoCity 2016 is open to anyone interested in nano. Let’s go beyond!