Awarded business case Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics

In the second call of Valorisation Programme of NanoNextNL (December 2015) the following business case was awarded:

Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics

Flying Circus Spectrometer for the characterisation of EUV sources from UV to the EUV

We present a compact and industry-compatible spectrometer for comprehensive diagnosis of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and other short-wavelength light sources. Such diagnosis allows critical optimisation for producing higher EUV powers and lower undesired radiation towards achieving a higher chip production. We foresee the device becoming a part of multi-million euro EUV scanners, to be sold worldwide. Our unique high resolution transmission grating design enables easy alignment, compactness and coverage of the widest spectrum (EUV to UV wavelengths) compared to other spectrometers. We aim to upgrade our demonstrator model to a commercial device.