NanoNextNL offers courses for researchers and entrepreneurs, both junior and senior. Read more about the courses for enhancing knowledge and skills.

NanoNextNL courses

NanoNextNL offers researchers and entrepreneurs, both junior and senior, the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. To do this NanoNextNL has developed 4 courses:

  • IP & Valorisation Awareness (two days)
  • Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment (two days)
  • Entrepreneurship (three days)
  • Analytic storytelling (two days)

The courses are two or three days including an evening programme. Participating in these courses not only means broadening your knowledge and skills, but also offers the opportunity to meet interesting colleagues from adjacent and outlying fields of research.

These courses are open for researchers of NanoNextNL as well as other researchers interested in the topics NanoNextNL offers.

Co-developed courses

In collaboration with Euroforum, NanoNextNL has developed the course Insight in Nanotechnology. During this 3-day course ´Inzicht in Nanotechnologie´ you will learn about the several applications of nanotechnology in existing products, product developments and innovation. Please note that the course language is Dutch. This course in open to everybody.


An insight into nanotechnology

In the next few years nanotechnology will become increasingly important in various applications. Nanotechnology is a field that can be applied to multiple areas where traditional science, like physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, biology and medicine come together.

Nanotechnology is already applied in materials, textiles, medical appliances, scanners, sensors, food, chemicals, solar cells and many other products.

Gain insight into the world of nanotechnology:

– Hear from leading experts what you can do with nanotechnology

– Get an overview of the various applications of nanotechnology

– Learn to innovate by using nanotechnology

– Develop market knowledge and a knowledge strategy by using applied nanotechnology

– Learn about the risks, ethics, societal acceptation

– Gain insight into the rules and regulations

Dutch expert teachers of this course include:

Dave Blank, Professor, Inorganic Materials Science, Universiteit Twente; Scientific director, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Universiteit Twente

Klaas Nicolay, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

Harro van Lente, Professor Science and Technology Studies, Maastricht University

Martin Bennink, Assistant Professor, Nanobiophysics, Universiteit Twente

Adriënne Sips, Research Co-Ordinator Risk, RIVM ; Co-Ordinator Risk Analysis & Technology Assessment, NanonextNL

Please note that the course language is Dutch.