3C Molecular imaging

The Molecular Imaging programme aims to develop novel nanostructures that can be used for the detection of molecular markers, which play a key role in disease processes, and to explore the utility of these novel formulations for studies in biological systems that are of medical interest. Several of the new nanomaterials will also be examined for their utility in therapeutic applications.

Nanoparticles have many virtues for these kinds of biomedical applications. However, a range of challenges needs to be addressed in order to take full benefit of the potentials of nano‐based imaging in health care. Several of these major challenges will be tackled, in a coherent research programme. The consortium that has been brought together consists of several leading Dutch academic groups in the field of molecular imaging, the university medical centers of Rotterdam (EMC) and Leiden (LUMC) that pursue clinical translation of this technology, as well a large company (Philips) and several SME’s (Nanomi, Lionix, SyMO‐Chem) that are active in this field.

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Michel Versluis

Programme Director:
Prof. dr. Michel Versluis (University of Twente)