The Dutch nano/microtechnology ecosystem ready to target new societal challenges

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The research and innovation programme NanoNextNL has built up a unique and vibrant nano/microtechnology ecosystem at a scale that has never been achieved in any technical field in the Netherlands. This is one of the main conclusions of the End Term Report of NanoNextNL, which was published last week since the programme reaches its end in December 2016 (2010-2016). The NanoNextNL ecosystem is in an ideal position to target the major new challenges that our society faces in areas such as energy, health, food and high-tech manufacturing. The report also states that NanoNextNL has set a new standard for public-private collaboration in the Netherlands and beyond. Together with universities and companies, the Dutch government has invested € 251 million in the research and technology programme NanoNextNL.

Fundamental new insights in energy, medicine, food and clean water

A total of 13 universities, 8 medical centres, 12 knowledge institutes and 110 industrial partners have collaborated within NanoNextNL. Since its start in 2010 the research and innovation programme has created a very large knowledge base in nano/microscience and technology. It has led to fundamentally new insights in renewable energy, nanomedicine, clean water, food technology, beyond-Moore technology, bio/nanomaterials, nanofabrication and sensors and actuators. Up until March 2016 nearly 900 peer-reviewed scientific publications have appeared from NanoNextNL research in international journals. Their quality is very high, with an average citation impact 1.94 times the world average.

Four-fold return-on-investment

The transfer from nano/microscience and technology to the creation of new applications and businesses has strongly accelerated thanks to NanoNextNL. A large number of product innovations were developed, such as patient-friendly blood tests, tailor-made food and an innovative electron microscope. The participating companies report a more than four-fold return-on-investment for their NanoNextNL innovations, creating a business value of more than 400 M€. Using the NanoNextNL method in a follow-up programme will guarantee a high return-on-investment for Dutch industry and society, and provides an efficient and effective road towards a more sustainable society.CreatingBusiness defClick image to enlarge infographic (infographic by Ymke Pas)

Safe-by-Design innovation

Risk analysis and technology assessment has been strongly integrated with the NanoNextNL research and development programme, bringing responsible research and Safe-by-Design innovation into practice, also in the development of new businesses. Tools for the detection of nanomaterials and understanding mechanisms of (eco)toxicity were developed to support new regulations and develop international policy. ResponsibleResearch defClick image to enlarge infographic (infographic by Ymke Pas)

Additional evaluation of NanoNextNL

In addition to the End Term Report, the International Advisory Council of NanoNextNL also published its conclusions of the NanoNextNL programme. Read Conclusions by IAC of End Term Review (ETR) of NanoNextNL. All the NanoNextNL research themes and programmes are evaluated in the NanoNextNL Research appendix to End Term Report (2010-2016).

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